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Protect Your Landscape Investment from Damaging Moles, Voles and Gophers

Humane and effective, our sturdy baskets and wire rolls are superior to chicken or aviary wire for barring gophers from your plant's roots; And our new Speed Basket protects your plant's roots from voles and moles in addition to gophers.

The RootGuardTM Heavy Duty Basket was first made in 1985 by our founder and owner, Wayne Morgan. These are the first commercially available products to protect your plants from gophers, and they provide long lasting protection at a great value. We have five sizes of Heavy Duty baskets to meet all your planting needs from the one quart, Mini, up to the fifteen gallon, Tree, size.

Soon after introducing the Heavy Duty Basket to the market Wayne saw the need for a corresponding product to protect the rest of your landscape investment from annoying and expensive gopher damage. He followed the successful and proven design of the ¾ -inch hex mesh used for the baskets, and with a few modifications RootGuardTM Gopher Wire rolls were created. The mesh is double galvanized: the wire strands are electroplate galvanized and then once woven the mesh is hot-dipped galvanized. This process provides six to ten years of protection in harsh environments such as under lawns. We have twenty-five-foot-long rolls for small jobs, and one-hundred-foot-long rolls for large jobs.

New for 2016! The RootGuardTM Speed Basket is made of knitted Stainless Steel mesh that is designed for mole and vole exclusion in addition to fending off gophers. The Speed Basket, as its name implies, is made for fast and efficient planting, and it provides modest protection for a few years. The material is soft and easy to work, so gloves are not needed. We have five sizes of Speed Basket from one quart to fifteen gallon.

"We used Root Guard Gopher Wire Baskets during our Earth Day volunteer planting at a heavily used and gopher inhabited State Park campground and wow what a difference they made. A year later all the oak trees and native shrubs are thriving thanks to the root protection provided by the Root Guard Wire Baskets. Now we make sure that Root Guard Wire Baskets are a part of our planting efforts in our campgrounds."

- Jodi P. Environmental Scientist


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